Hot for Valentine's Day (Gift Set)

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Spice up your Valentine with this special gift set we have created for you.  This was created with the Hot & Spicy in mind.  We have added our award winning Habanero Lime Seasoning and Jalapeno Honey for you to try.  Our Cajun #5 can be used to blacken or add that Cajun flavor to your favorite dish.  The Hot & Spicy Sea Salt is mild in heat but is delicious added to your favorite dish, fresh cut avocado's or tomato's and popcorn.  Our high heat blends are the Pepper & Cayenne and Habanero Lime.  These are some of our hot loving customers favorites.  Enjoy the Jalapeno Honey as a condiment or glaze on savory foods and the Vanilla Bean Honey in your coffee or hot tea.

This is a gift your Hot & Spicy Valentine will love.

This set includes:

1 gift box

1 oz Cajun #5

1 oz Habanero Lime

1 oz Vanilla Bean Honey

1 oz Jalapeno Honey

1 lg jar of Pepper & Cayenne Seasoning Blend

1 lg jar of Hot & Spicy Sea Salt Seasoning Blend